Monday, 22 July 2013

Pennines, Day 1

I caught the train from Carlisle to Lancaster and after a coffee and bacon sandwich on Lancaster station I caught the train with "trouble at t'mill accents" to Gargrave.
A quick visit to the coop for some matches and crackers and I'm heading for Mallam.

The walk is besides the Rivber Aire.  It's hot and it's cleg heaven.  At last I reach Mallam and food and a pot of tea.  This will be a pattern. Cafes for second breakfasts and dinner.  Tea later on in tent.  It saves weight you know.

The Way leads up the side of the Cove.  It's very busy.  I press on and luckily there's a ice-cream van at the car park before Mallam Tarn.  A 99 and a bottle of icy water boost me onwards as I plan to camp above the intakes.

Fountains Fell on the left the target.

Tent up, air the bag. get the tea cooking.   View back to Mallam Tarn.

.Impressions of this section:  A bit farmy, very overgrazed, lots of clegs.  Brilliant weather.
I walk over the ridge to view the route ahead tomorrow, over Pen y Ghent.

15 miles walked.


SolwayA said...

Looks like a good expedition into the Dales with some well deserved treats - lovely photos and fully concur with your comments about Clegs. They are more bothersome than most other biting insects including wasps!

Greg said...

Long walks are good justification for cafe visits.

Because They're There said...

Now that's what I call backpacking. Cafe visits and ice-cream vans. I'm expecting burger vans and posh restaurants before you get to the end.
Cheers, Alen

Greg said...

No posh restaurants Alen just scones and coop cakes.