Monday, 13 May 2013

The Tebay Lad and Geordie Lass Relax on Beach

We had previously done a cycle tour in Andalucia  and decided on  a week's holiday in the sun.  After seeing Mceff's blog about the Sierra Nevada   (  we ended up in the Hotel Alcadema in Lanjaron.

Monday we headed for the trail head below the Cuerda del Travenque ridge.

The city in the background is Granada.

The heat was reflected by the white limestone scree but we had 4 litres of water between us.

We round a bend and the hill seems a long way off,  it's the Cerro del Trevenque 2083m.

We alternate between the ridge and a broad path just below the crest.

A local bloke with his dog overtakes us as we head up the steep bit for the summit.

At last the summit with the high Sierra beyond and a baguette to chomp.

We had come up on the right of the picture and are going to descend the white scarred ridge in the centre and then down the waterless valley , over the col and back to the car.

This is a good way down as the river bed is dry and easy to walk on.

So the relaxing on the beach........

The day after the walk we had a day at the coast.  I took my shirt off to dazzle the onlookers and managed 10 minutes on this rock.  We then had a paddle and headed for the hills.  I know everyone is different but we passed some sun beds with brown prune like bodies lying on them.  How the hell anyone can just lie there for hour after hour is a mystery.


Howellsey said...

Looks like warm work! The landscape is very otherworldy but I like it. Beach time, well earned!

Greg said...

Aye it was a shock coming home on Friday to wind and rain.

Because They're There said...

Wa-hey. A trip up Trevenque. What a great walk. Glad you enjoyed it Greg. That final pull to the summit is a bit of a killer though.
I didn't think there would be so much snow on the Sierra Nevada at this time of year, but there seems to be quite a lot - even more than at Christmas when I was there.
Talking about lazing about doing nothing, me and my wife, Anne, spent a couple of hours just floating about in the spa at Lanjaron. It was heaven – but bloody expensive!
All the best, Alen

Greg said...

I was wondering when you were going to comment Alen as you are the inspiration for the trip. One of the best hols we've had loved the hotel and the town. Didn't go in the spar, maybe next time.
Only bad part is that the mountains are a long way beyond the town, might need to take a tent if climbing from there. Would of needed ice axe and crampons when we were there as there was a lot of snow.
Also the roads are terrifying, wer went to Capileira one day and then drove up the mountain track above the village to near the recreation area. Can you recommend other places to visit?

Alan R said...

I don’t blame you getting away from here for a bit of sun. Lovely part of the world.
I can do both. Walk the hills and snore on a sun bed. Not at the same time obviously but i have good intentions of relaxing with a new book but then after 5 minutes .....zzz

Jules said...

Looks really good, and glad you had a good time. We only really "discovered" Spain as a walking destination 2 or 3 years ago - which looks like a mistake on our part as there is some excellent hiking to be had.

In fact we're not long back from Spain ourselves - a different bit, though!

Because They're There said...

Hi Greg. From the bottom end of Lanjaron there's a path that goes right to the top of Caballo, but it's a hell of a walk. As an alternative, you can drive up a track from the top end of town and at the end there's a car park, and you reach the same path, and Caballo's only a three or four hour walk further on. I did this and it's a pleasant outing. Hell of a drive, mind.
You can also climb Mulhacen from above Capileira, and that's a great walk. You can either drive to the starting point or get a shuttle bus from the village (it goes about 8am) and the bus takes you a couple of miles beyond the road barriers. Both walks are on my site if you're interested. Don't climb Veleta from Capileira! I did that and it nearly killed me – 5,500ft of climbing in the hot sun. That was a big mistake!
Cheers, Alen

Greg said...

Thanks Alen will look into that when I go again.