Sunday, 26 September 2010

Getting Fit

There's a need to get fit for Christmas as we've just booked a skiing holiday in Belle Plagne. The cost of skiing always means we are on the first lift in a morning and coming down last at night. If you're not fit it's exhausting. So today we went for a walk.

Middle Dodd from the foot of Kirkstone Pass.

We tried parking at Hartsop but it was mayhem as as organised mines walk was just getting under way. So we drove a couple of miles up the main road to a deserted layby near a footpath sign and away we went. Lakeland fells might be small but this fell goes straight up. The forecast on MWIS said sunny and it was at first but it soon clouded over and the summit was in mist and hence no photos.
A road runs through it.

So after Red Screes it was down the Caiston Glen and back to the car. The Innov8s handled it well , but I did notice the bog water is starting to feel decidedly colder and I had to put the gloves on for the first time in a while.

Living the Dream

Back from the long awaited holiday. We went to Southern Germany in the campervan. The weather was atrocious on the way down but did improve when we got there. We stayed at the above site and cycled into Fussen and the surrounding countryside on the excellent Radwegs.

We then swung right past the Bodensee and through the Black Forest , climbing Feldberg from the ski resort at its foot.

Lunch was eaten whilst an old German man told us how he had been in a prison of war camp in Shropshire. I'd tried not to mention the war..........

More rain followed in the journey up through France so lots of Flunches were eaten and a great time was had by all.