Saturday, 17 July 2010

Too Busy

Well the summer is whizzing past in a blur of commitments and DIY. We did manage one night in the tent last month. The evening was well on when we were finally walking up Deepdale after leaving the car at Bridgefoot.

We were hoping to camp in Link Cove. This is a beautiful place and if the beck closest to Greenhow End is followed up past the waterfall there is a lovely slab with the water running down the edge. After weeks of little rain we decided to carry water up from the main beck just in case. As it happens there was still a trickle flowing. The places to camp were limited as any flat ground was boggy. luckily we found a place that , although not flat, had a super view and sun rise into the tent door.

After our usual breakfast of pre made weetabix alpen and powdered milk we were off up the back of the cove onto Greenhow End. There was no one on the summit of Fairfield and we met only one on the summit of St Sunday crag.

A descent to the valley was made via Gavel Pike and Lord's Seat.

Some of the rest of my time has been spent converting a Citreon Relay panel van into a camper van . Before :-