Sunday, 20 November 2011

Big Round Hill Hill

We decided to revisit the above fell on Saturday after noticing that a lot of the more central fells were capped in cloud.  The sun kissed slopes of the above fell seemed more inviting,  especially if we could zoom off to Penrith afterwards to sample the delights of the new Booth's Cafe and pick up some sausages from the Cranston's Food hall.

Surrounding this fell is a band of deciduous trees and then higher up conifers.  As with a lot of places in the Lakes if you want to see these trees you had  better go soon as the trees are dying.  There seems to be lots of broken and decaying trees but not much sign of re- generation.  Of course there werte sheep.  Will they ever remove the sheep and allow some regrowth?

After visiting the summit and half filling a bag with discarded rubbish,  presumably left by a visiting band of morons, we descended through the incredibly contorted conifers.

Lunch was eaten in the shelter of the wood.  On a previous visit there were deer (roe ?) sheltering.

We then headed on down through the bracken.

And we had the sausages for breakfast this morning.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Days Out

We have not had much time for big walks since the Pyrenees, so here afre a few images of short walks over the past few months.