Saturday, 30 October 2010


I received an e mail and the photos from my brother who has just completed all the Munros.
Totally amazing , he had the last one to do for about a year, then just took off and did it.

If I had one to do I wouldn't be able to wait that long. What if you broke a leg and couldn't do it.
Anyway the mountain is called Aonach Mor.
Well it makes my 3 rounds of Wainwrights look a bit tame. Wonder if I could do the Inn Pinn ?
Would the knees make it at this age, I'm 5 years older than Andrew.
Well done bro.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Almost the same Place

I went back to the same car park today but this time went straight up the fell to Bell Knot and then onto Little Hart Crag. About 2 weeks ago the last of the swallows left the factory down near the coast, but unbelievably I saw 4 swooping around at 400m in the lea of the ridge.
The top was in cloud so I didn't see any thing again until I emerged in the upper Hogget Gill corrie.
This area looks very impressive with lots of little corries and crags with the imposing Dove Crag in the background and a view down Dove Dale.

I dropped off the NE end of Stangs and descended the stream to the main valley just above the bridge. The mist seemed to have cleared off the tops a bit as I walked back across the valley to the car.

I wonder how much longer places like this will remain with trees. There were lots of sheep in this area. The trees in the bits I walked through seemed quite old with lots of stumps and bits broken off. As they die there doesn't seem to be anything re growing as the sheep just eat everything. Is it time to remove them for a while ? We might get some flowers then as well.