Sunday, 2 March 2014

Powder snow in the Helvellyn Massif

We were in the car park at Greenside Mine by 08:50hrs.  By the time it took to get the the gear on the car park was full,  but at least the heavy sleet shower had stopped.

Catsycam looking wonderful under the cover of snow.

Round about now I'm wondering why I kept my fleece on under the cag.  I sure as hell am not going to stop and take the sack off.

Eventually we arrive at the hut.  In the distance the people who either set off earlier or overtook us on the way up are digging out the tow.

After some tea and sandwiches in the hut I start doing some runs "Way Out West. " There is 50 cm of powder on a firm base and even I can do some nice turns.

It's a good job I have my Aldi helmet on as the snow is so deep some of the pylons are almost buried and  I keep banging my head on the cable.

After picking up the rucksack from the hut and giving the camera to Dawne I head up one last time to ski down as far as possible.

Dawne photos me as I get lower trying to avoid the grass and rocks.  This is actually great fun and beats walking any day. 

A great day out with the Lake District Ski Club.

We rounded off the day with some very strong coffee and a toasted teacake in Glenridding.