Friday, 15 June 2012

Cycling in the Netherlands.

Unpacking the Skoda at Maasticht Airport car park.

After picking up a map and possibly a waffle in the town we headed across the Maas on the LF6 cycle path towards Gulpen.

Dawne en-route.

A late start meant we only reached the camp site at Gasthuis.

Next day we had breakfast in Gulpen before camping up at a farm site just before Vijlen.

This part of the   Netherlands is quite hilly and the next morning we were quickly into Vaals near the German border for breakfast.  I can recommend the bread with apple crumble on top.  We crossed into Germany on the way to Orsbach  and Bocholtz.  There were eagles in a near by wood.  How come they can preserve them in such a crowded country but we can't?

After Simpleveld and Ubachsberg we ran down hill to camp in the main valley near Valkenburg.

Valkenburg is probably a beautiful place but they seemed to be digging up the whole town at once  so we passed swiftly on and back to the car at the airport.
A short leisurely tour in good weather and the best hotel Ive ever stopped at on the way back.

Hotel Steenhuyse in Oudenaarde, Belgium.

mmmmm cake.