Friday, 15 June 2012

Cycling in the Netherlands.

Unpacking the Skoda at Maasticht Airport car park.

After picking up a map and possibly a waffle in the town we headed across the Maas on the LF6 cycle path towards Gulpen.

Dawne en-route.

A late start meant we only reached the camp site at Gasthuis.

Next day we had breakfast in Gulpen before camping up at a farm site just before Vijlen.

This part of the   Netherlands is quite hilly and the next morning we were quickly into Vaals near the German border for breakfast.  I can recommend the bread with apple crumble on top.  We crossed into Germany on the way to Orsbach  and Bocholtz.  There were eagles in a near by wood.  How come they can preserve them in such a crowded country but we can't?

After Simpleveld and Ubachsberg we ran down hill to camp in the main valley near Valkenburg.

Valkenburg is probably a beautiful place but they seemed to be digging up the whole town at once  so we passed swiftly on and back to the car at the airport.
A short leisurely tour in good weather and the best hotel Ive ever stopped at on the way back.

Hotel Steenhuyse in Oudenaarde, Belgium.

mmmmm cake.


Trevor said...

I enjoyed your post here Greg....what make /model is the tent you show in your photos?


Because They're There said...

I thought we'd passed the confectionery break with the apple crumble but I see there's a very posh bit of cake at the end. Very nice it looks, too.
That's the sort of holiday I quite fancy doing but never get round to. I bet it makes a refreshing break from slogging over mountains.
All the best, Alen

Greg said...

Trevor the tent is one I've had for a number of years and is the Hilleberg Nammatj. It's quite heavy but ideal for car or bike camping, especially on dry grassless pitches abroad as the ground sheet and footprint resist twigs etc.

Greg said...

Yes the cake was at that posh hotel and cost nearly as much as a meal we had in a cafe later that day.
I have a love hate relationship with bikes. I only have to look at one to have oil from finger tips to my elbows.
Once the knees totally go I can see me touring the continent in the style of Edward Enfield. (Down hill all the Way).

Trevor said...

Hi Greg,
I thought it was a Hilleberg but couldn't quite work out which model....
I often use a Hilleberg Nallo 3GT for bike touring as I love the space and can even get my bike in the porch. For backpacking I use the Akto.
Thanks for your visit to 'purpletraveller' I will add your blog to my blog list.

Greg said...

Thanks Trevor. I've had a quick look through your site and liked the look of those Teva shoes.
I have an Akto for backpacking too but last year bought a Vaude Power Lizard. Ive only been a couple of times in it but it is noticeably lighter and takes up less space in the sack.