Monday, 6 June 2011

Great Moss

After stopping at the Ratty cafe for a second breakfast  we headed up towards the great Moss.  The idea was to try out the new Vaude Power Lizard tent.  We hope to go backpacking in the Aiguestortes this summer and wanted to see if this tent was big enough.

Tent up and cup of tea on the way we decided on a little stroll before tea.

The tent is great to carry and I noticed the difference in bulk and weight between it and the Akto.  It is a bit small and I would not like to be in it sheltering from a storm for any length of time.  The porch is small for two peoples ' gear.  Probably a great tent for one person.

Next morning we awoke to the sound of wild geese flying down the valley and put the Caldera on for a cup of tea.  We will be having another night out soon if the weather is good and hope to try the Solar 2.2. This is a bit heavier but has an entrance at both sides for more space.  We have only been out a couple of times in the Solar in the past and I'm not keen of the way the flysheet goes on last and just drapes over the top.  

We packed up and headed back for the car, calling at the ratty cafe for a second breakfast.