Monday, 6 June 2011

Great Moss

After stopping at the Ratty cafe for a second breakfast  we headed up towards the great Moss.  The idea was to try out the new Vaude Power Lizard tent.  We hope to go backpacking in the Aiguestortes this summer and wanted to see if this tent was big enough.

Tent up and cup of tea on the way we decided on a little stroll before tea.

The tent is great to carry and I noticed the difference in bulk and weight between it and the Akto.  It is a bit small and I would not like to be in it sheltering from a storm for any length of time.  The porch is small for two peoples ' gear.  Probably a great tent for one person.

Next morning we awoke to the sound of wild geese flying down the valley and put the Caldera on for a cup of tea.  We will be having another night out soon if the weather is good and hope to try the Solar 2.2. This is a bit heavier but has an entrance at both sides for more space.  We have only been out a couple of times in the Solar in the past and I'm not keen of the way the flysheet goes on last and just drapes over the top.  

We packed up and headed back for the car, calling at the ratty cafe for a second breakfast.


Alan R said...

Hi Greg,
For us this is one of our most favourite wild camping areas. Just stunning.

Anonymous said...

I admire a man who likes his breakfasts. That Caldera stove looks good. Would you recommend it?
Alen McF

Greg said...

Magic place Alan , but expect wet feet.
Alen, I got the titanium caldera a few years ago when they first came out. It's a bit slow melting snow in winter , but I think it's great. As a treat I've just ordered the side winder version for the 1300l Evernew pot. I need a bigger pot for the two of us on our summer jaunt. If you run out of meths it will burn wood, although that's a bit scarse on the Great Moss!

Martin Rye said...

Great Moss and wild camping. Hard to beat that. Caldera cones are great. Only had one be a pain. That was my one for MSR Titan. Flared badly setting fire to the ground. But most times they are great.

Greg said...

Yes the one I've got is for the MSR kettle and that's why I'm getting a bigger one. I'm getting the sidewinder version this time as it fits in the pan.

J_on_tour@jayzspaze said...

I've not done a great deal in this corner of the Lakes apart from all the standard wainwright ascents. I've always fancied this area but so difficult to access on a regular basis & ... not sure how my boots would stand up to this terrain. I'm liking the last picture a lot about your walk. it's speaking volumes to me !

Greg said...

Living near Maryport it's not too bad for us. It's the far eastern fells that are more difficult top get to.

Maz said...

I think the Power Lizard is too small for two people to be comfortable. It's a good tent but too many small niggles for my liking. Does your porch zip always stick? Also, not the quickest to erect. Anyway. Nice report Greg.

Greg said...

Thanks Maz, yes I will only use it for solo backpacking.
Come to think of it the zip did stick.