Sunday, 29 April 2012

BIt of a Breeze

A bad forecast had me away early and parked in a lay-by near Grasmere. As I shouldered the sack I noticed a buzzard capture something in the field opposite and have to immediately face off a hungry magpie.  I then had to drag a dead badger from the middle of the road.  I headed past the Wordsworth buildings and up on to the fell.

Harrison Stickle looks good from here.

The head of Dunney Beck was skirted as I headed onto Nab Scar.  As I approached the ridge little tufts of grass were dropping out of the sky.  Must be a bit of a breeze up there.

The intention was to climb Great Rigg and then drop down to Stone Arthur and be then eating a good lunch in Booth's cafe when the expected rain arrived at dinner time.  Unfortunately the wind was now blowing me about.  At one stage beyond Heron Crag I had trouble standing even when going down the lee side of the ridge.

I dropped down to the head of Greenhead Gill and contoured to Stone Arthur.  Great Rigg can wait for another day.

I was just eating the cake course in Booths as the  rain arrived.