Saturday, 1 September 2012

Cairngorms were Derry Cold

I drove up to a campsite near Perth on Monday, the weather was atrocious on the motorway.  Got the tent up about  7 pm and ate the sandwiches I'd brought.  The Nammatj survived the night and I drove to Glen Shee on a breezy day and nipped up The Cairnwell.  I then dossed about the Caravan Club site at Braemar as the next day was again atrocious.
Finally on Thursday I ditched the car at the Linn of Dee car park  and headed up Glen Lui towards Derry Lodge.

This was about 3 miles and I wished I'd had a mountain bike for this bit.  I then followed the Luibeg Burn heading for the Sron Rioch ridge on Ben Macdui.

That's the ridge in the middle of the photo.  I've done about 5 miles and I'm still not near the bottom of the fell.  These hills are bigger than the Lakeland fells then.

Eventually I'm on the ridge as a snow shower whips across.  Yes it is August.

The long distances are worth it as I am now in granite heaven.

I think that's Ben a Ghlo on the horizon.  I dont linger on the summit as it's very cold and I'm nacked. I head down past Loch Etchachan.

Its late as I head down past the Hutchison memorial hut.  I'm looking for somewhere to camp but its all bog, midges and heather.  May be those sheep in the Lakes have a use after all creating nice short grass for camping.  After 3 more weary miles I start approaching the trees in Glen Derry.

The first flat dry place is a little patch of grass besides the beck and a bridge. I sleep but am awake and frozen about 3am.  I put on all my clothes in the sleeping bag but am still freezing.  In the morning theres frost and ice but no midges.  Can't believe it's August.

Just a tip, dont drive at speed back to Braemar in the hope of getting breakfast cos all the cafes will be shut.  Strange place.