Saturday, 11 January 2014

Allen Crags

The snow is probably deeper on the eastern fells but I can't be bothered with the longer drive.  So I end up at Seathwaite with no particular objective.  As I leave the farm yard Allen  Crags appear.  The  crag below the skyline,  looks like there's a diagonal rake below it.

And it's a lot more interesting than that terrible man made cobbley path that they seem to go in for in the Lakes.

Must have mis heard the forecast as I thought it said sunny frosty start.  It's cloudy and windy and I have to put my buff over my head to stop the hat blowing away.

There's a wonderful shelf running around Allen Crags with little tarns dotted along it.

The weather  clears a little to reveal Great Gable and Sprinkling Tarn.

Another tarn on the shelf.

View down the other side to Langdale Pikes where a friend from work, Dave McGregor was walking today.

There's a shower coming in as I head down. By not crossing over to the main path and by zig zagging through the crags I get down to Low How and manage to avoid the cobbley path for quite a distance.