Saturday, 11 January 2014

Allen Crags

The snow is probably deeper on the eastern fells but I can't be bothered with the longer drive.  So I end up at Seathwaite with no particular objective.  As I leave the farm yard Allen  Crags appear.  The  crag below the skyline,  looks like there's a diagonal rake below it.

And it's a lot more interesting than that terrible man made cobbley path that they seem to go in for in the Lakes.

Must have mis heard the forecast as I thought it said sunny frosty start.  It's cloudy and windy and I have to put my buff over my head to stop the hat blowing away.

There's a wonderful shelf running around Allen Crags with little tarns dotted along it.

The weather  clears a little to reveal Great Gable and Sprinkling Tarn.

Another tarn on the shelf.

View down the other side to Langdale Pikes where a friend from work, Dave McGregor was walking today.

There's a shower coming in as I head down. By not crossing over to the main path and by zig zagging through the crags I get down to Low How and manage to avoid the cobbley path for quite a distance.


Alan Rayner said...

Hi Greg,
I presume the track up Grains Gill is now Man made.
Are the tracks at Hind Gill and either side of the Combe still natural.
Its been a couple of years since i was on that side of Allen crags. One of my favourite tops all the same. You can find peace and quiet there even on busy weekends.

Greg said...

Hi Alan I'm not sure about that. I only walked on actual path between Stockley Bridge and just beyond where Allen Gill and Ruddy Gill meet.
To be fair the paths aren't that bad when ascending, but with my old knees I hate coming down them.
I just prefer to be away from paths exploring.

Anonymous said...

Hi Greg. I see you've got the beard back. A man and his beard should never be separated.
Fantastically clear pictures. What sort of camera do you use?
Cheers, Alen

Greg said...

Hi Alen, yes I grew the beard back. I had one for 30 yrs then when I was poorly shaved it off. Now it's back and even more distinguished (grey!).
I treat myself to a Canon550D a couple of years back. Still can't work all the functions and it's a bit bulky. I bought a cheap grad screw on filter off ebay to try to stop the sky bleaching out.
That Sony Nexus that Chris Towsend uses looks good as it does not have the mirror of a DSLR and is very small. Expensive though.