Monday, 13 May 2013

The Tebay Lad and Geordie Lass Relax on Beach

We had previously done a cycle tour in Andalucia  and decided on  a week's holiday in the sun.  After seeing Mceff's blog about the Sierra Nevada   (  we ended up in the Hotel Alcadema in Lanjaron.

Monday we headed for the trail head below the Cuerda del Travenque ridge.

The city in the background is Granada.

The heat was reflected by the white limestone scree but we had 4 litres of water between us.

We round a bend and the hill seems a long way off,  it's the Cerro del Trevenque 2083m.

We alternate between the ridge and a broad path just below the crest.

A local bloke with his dog overtakes us as we head up the steep bit for the summit.

At last the summit with the high Sierra beyond and a baguette to chomp.

We had come up on the right of the picture and are going to descend the white scarred ridge in the centre and then down the waterless valley , over the col and back to the car.

This is a good way down as the river bed is dry and easy to walk on.

So the relaxing on the beach........

The day after the walk we had a day at the coast.  I took my shirt off to dazzle the onlookers and managed 10 minutes on this rock.  We then had a paddle and headed for the hills.  I know everyone is different but we passed some sun beds with brown prune like bodies lying on them.  How the hell anyone can just lie there for hour after hour is a mystery.