Friday, 29 April 2011

Meall nan Tarmachan

Van parked at start of walk , Dawne inside making sandwiches.
We stayed in the van overnight in Killin and were there for a rather cloudy start at 0900 hrs.

Ben Lawers in the distance as the cloud starts to descend.  

The ridge ahead looks quite interesting, unfortunately this was the last  we would see of it as the cloud rolled in.

We sat by the little tarn above surrounded by clumps of Saxifraga  Oppositifolia. If only they kept the sheep out in the Lakes.

The Meall Garbh part of the ridge was narrower than expected and we struggled on a very steep descent at the end.  Apparently there is a little detour that avoids  the steep bit but we missed it in the mist.

Eventually we emerged from the mist in the corrie  below Creag na Caillich.  we walked back to the Ben Lawers car park on the quarry road.  Lower down there were clumps of my favourite flower ,  Primula Vulgaris.


The Odyssee said...

We were up here last year, what a great area. To do the ridge from the BL carpark down to Glen Lyon and back on the opposite ridge would be wonderful.

Greg said...

You must be a lot fitter than me , cos this was hard enough.
It's the wild flowers I love. After the over grazing of the Lakes it's a treat.

The Odyssee said...

I wish!
I don’t mean i could do it in one day! Just that i would love to do it in it’s entirety.
We saw a massive herd of Deer here as well. The largest amount of Deer i have ever seen in one place.
It was a brilliant sight.

Anonymous said...

Greg, it is a pity the mist came down - although this is Scotland ! A great walking area.

Greg said...

Yes I will have to go back and rediscover Scotland. I stopped going a number of years ago after a week of rain and being eaten alive by midges. I decided to go to the Pyrenees. I get less hols now so getting to the Pyrenees is more of a problem.

Eftychia K said...

Love the photos on the ridge!
Keep exploring, be happy :)


Greg said...

Thank you.