Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Jack's Rake

Not used to the heat we arrived at the tarn quite hot.  I did not have the sun hat and my wife still had her winter trousers.  Must be 5 years since we did the Rake.  Tried taking a gradual rising line up the screes last time so just stuck to the path this time.

I must be getting old cos I certainly did not find it as hard in the past,  we struggled up the tight bits under the critical eyes of climbers.   Near the top we branched off right up some lovely slabs to the summit.  I've not been to the Cuillin Ridge but that gabbro will have to be rough to out rough the rocks on the top of Pavey Ark.

Put Buff over head in attempt to keep sun off bald spot.  Innov8 s looking a bit worn,  can't understand the huge boots some folk wear.

We descended down to Pike How, watching the paragliders catching the afternoon breeze.

A big cycling event was taking place in Langdale and the fields were full of cars.  They certainly had a nice day for it. Just time for a drink at the Stickle Barn before heading home.


The Odyssee said...

Every year walks, climbs etc seem to take me that little bit longer. I’m not sure if it’s a result of deteriorating fitness or mind or maybe both . I can’t remember!ha.
Anyway it’s a good route up.

Martin Rye said...

Been a lot longer than Five years since I did it. It is a top route and one of the Lakes classic ways up a hill.

Walks UK said...

Great article with some amazing photographs... great stuff!

Greg said...

Thanks everyone, it's not just the physical deteriation I also find the exposure a lot more scarey.

Brian Cowling said...

Your comment "can't understand the huge boots some folk wear" prompts me to write.

I'm prone to tripping side ways (typically, at some point I'll place my foot down and my right ankle might twist at a right-angle for instance). I recover sharply, with a little hop 'n skip, and without injury but protection given by the firm leather of my (well - not so huge) Brasher boots help save the day/feet.

I look in envy at those that can rely on Inov8's whilst backpacking.



Greg said...

Aye they certainly make it easier Brian, especially when crossing becks. Dont need to take them off and they dry out quit quickly. In my younger days I tried the Pennine Way and the leather boots were terrible soggy things after a few days of wet.