Sunday, 13 May 2012

Lingmoor Fell

Saturday and not working, and it's reasonably sunny, so we head for Chapel Stile and Lingmoor Fell.  Previous visits have all been from Blea Tarn side so we are soon lost amongst the quarry workings. Well at least its interesting amongst the workings.  We dont find the path til we reach the gate to the ridge.

Must be one of the best viewpoints in the Lakes.

The views from this ridge are splendid.  I could say breathtaking but I am still waiting to see a view that has me doubled up gasping for breath.

When you get to my age everywhere you go brings back memories of past trips.  walking down  Mickleden, nackered, with my dad when I was 12 after climbing Scafell Pike.  My brother and me jogging down from Pavey Ark in trackies and trainers, 30 years ago, after a day climbing in the sun and wondering why walkers were dressed as if for the Antarctic.  The arrogance of youth.
Well we go off track again and descend from  Lingmoor Tarn to the Cumbria Way via some interesting little gills and detours to avoid vertical vegetation.

Another great day topped off by a visit to the cafe in Chapel Stile.  I can recommend the bacon bun.


Alan R said...

What a splendid day saturday was. So different to Friday.
I agree that the views off that ridge are worthy and understated.

Because They're There said...

You might be right when you say it’s one of the best viewpoints in the Lakes, Greg. Those pictures of the Langdale Pikes are excellent. I’ve never been up Lingmoor, so there’s another one to add to the list – though I did once push my bike to Blea Tarn from Langdale and it was bloody hard work. I liked your bit about the memories. Memories like that are golden.
All the best, Alen McF (PS I’m sure your writing a book about Lakeland cafes.)

Greg said...

Thanks Alan I,m still wearing the winter trousers though.

Greg said...

Aye Alen it's all about the cafes. You would like Lingmoor as it's peppered with quarry workings.

Jules said...

Nice pics, Greg. I particularly like the one with the path/wall in the foreground for some reason!

And reasonable weather - what a bonus!