Saturday, 30 October 2010


I received an e mail and the photos from my brother who has just completed all the Munros.
Totally amazing , he had the last one to do for about a year, then just took off and did it.

If I had one to do I wouldn't be able to wait that long. What if you broke a leg and couldn't do it.
Anyway the mountain is called Aonach Mor.
Well it makes my 3 rounds of Wainwrights look a bit tame. Wonder if I could do the Inn Pinn ?
Would the knees make it at this age, I'm 5 years older than Andrew.
Well done bro.


J_on_tour@jayzspaze said...

Well done to your brother Andrew.
I think I would only set myself the target of doing all the Munros if I could fit the Inn pin down in my schedule quite early on. It seems quite a tall order for non rock climbers... looking down into the abyss !!

Lily Riani said...

breathtakingly AWESOME. How i wish i can go there. WOOOOW!

Greg said...

Thanks Lily and J. I would need to get a guide ,I think.

-maria- said...

Maybe completing all the munros was such a long and demanding project to your brother that completing the project leaves him with a certain yearning and that's why it him took so long to do the last one? Anyway, well done!

Greg said...

I think it's more like his knees are giving him gype and he now does a lot of cycling.

Maz said...

That's worthy of some congratulations!!