Sunday, 26 September 2010

Getting Fit

There's a need to get fit for Christmas as we've just booked a skiing holiday in Belle Plagne. The cost of skiing always means we are on the first lift in a morning and coming down last at night. If you're not fit it's exhausting. So today we went for a walk.

Middle Dodd from the foot of Kirkstone Pass.

We tried parking at Hartsop but it was mayhem as as organised mines walk was just getting under way. So we drove a couple of miles up the main road to a deserted layby near a footpath sign and away we went. Lakeland fells might be small but this fell goes straight up. The forecast on MWIS said sunny and it was at first but it soon clouded over and the summit was in mist and hence no photos.
A road runs through it.

So after Red Screes it was down the Caiston Glen and back to the car. The Innov8s handled it well , but I did notice the bog water is starting to feel decidedly colder and I had to put the gloves on for the first time in a while.


J_on_tour@jayzspaze said...

Nice view from Middle Dodd. I remember doing a kind of anticlockwise horseshoe around Caiston beck to include Little Hart and Red screes, it was a difficult descent through the steep wet grass of the Dodd. I agree the weather is turning. I'm back from 4 Munros at Crianlarich and walking plans for the autumn seem to be be less than energetic and forced on me by groups that I'm in !!

Greg said...

Thanks J I've had a quick look at your report. When my children were young we camped at Killin and went to the Ben Lawers visitor centre. Always planned to go back and climb the mountain.

Anonymous said...

Greg, I had a good look at your blog this morning, I like the look of it and it's easy style. I like particularly the photos on your post of your trip to Beinn a Ghlo - the reflections in Loch Loch are superb. I have added you to my Google Reader and look forward to some more.

Getting Fit - very much in my mind, I re- signed up for the gym the other day - I have had a year out and I think that maybe why my knees started hurting so much.

Greg said...

Thanks Mark. I enjoyed reading your blog too. Ive added a comment under your Southern Uplands backpack as I too have trouble with knees.