Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Pennines. Day2.

Up at the crack of dawn and  over the summit of Fountain's Fell. A bit of a loop round to the end of Pen y Ghent.

This was the most popular hill by far as a lot of 3 peakers were coming up from Horton.

The way ahead on the white path.  It swings off to the left down to Horton.  Then it goes up the valley to the right in the distance.  One of the peculiarities I noticed was how the route does a big loop out to somewhere then back again.
It was worth it for the Pen y Ghent caf.

The guidebook I was using said there's a shop, but it was shut down.
Did I mention the clegs?  The next few miles were farmy and clegy.

Water was a problem in the farmland and even the above beck on closer inspection didn't tempt me.
I only have aqua mira drops and this water was the colour of wee.

Eventually I found an ice cold spring on Cam End and a suitable hollow to pitch the tent.

15 miles walked.


SolwayA said...

I remember doing the Three Peaks a few years ago - that cafe was a welcome stop even then. I think your lightweight gear should also include some insect repellent! Fab pictures bro....

Martin Rye said...

Looking like a good trip. keep enjoying the Dales. I need to go back there soon.

Greg said...

I have a midge net for Scotland but have never been keen to put chemicals on the skin. Might need to change this policy!

Greg said...

Yes Martin I walked fromSettle to Ambleside a few years ago and I've been up Wild Boar Fell but other than that it was new ground to me.

Because They're There said...

Cake looks good, Greg. Nice to see traditions are being adhered to. Nice campsite too. Shame about the clegs. Did you mention the clegs?
Cheers, Alen