Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Pennine Walk. Day4.

Another beautiful day and I head down to Thwaite in Swaledale.

I'm so busy being annoyed with  the constant signs to keep to the path and walk in single file through the field that I head off down the valley for 10 minutes before doubling back to head up and over to Keld.

I arrive at a quiet time at the tea room.  10 minutes later and theres a big queue out of the door as cars full of  folk arrive.

Theres now a long slog up to Tan Hill.  I wear a hat and long sleeves so the only bit of skin consistently in the sun is the back of my hands.  They getting  sore  so I wear my spare socks as gloves.

A pint of lime and lemon, some chips and a panini a bit of a rest and I gaze out on the vastness that is Bowes Moor.

I'm glad I don't have to cross this in the mist.  I still find it an eerie place, no sign of crows, buzzards, peewits curlews or any thing.  But lots of grouse feeding stations.  Half way across I see a distant 4 wheel drive on a ridge and I'm sure they are watching me.
Eventually God's Bridge and the A66 appear. Got to cross the moor on the other side of the road.  A likely water source / camp in Deepdale.

I camp near a little gill below the horizon above the shed.  I was ready for the cup of tea.
20 miles walked.


Howellsey said...

Beautiful big sky shots there. Wonder how many days a year the moors look like that!?

SolwayA said...

Quite a trek on the moors, particularly the section across Bowes Moor after the comforts of Tan Hill pub. Some lovely shots of the villages and moors.

Because They're There said...

Blimey. You should have emailed me on one of your gadgets and I'd have nipped up the A66 with a flask of tea and a picnic.
I like that area. There are some wide open spaces between the Tan Hill and Bowes. A chap could get lost very easily.
Cheers, Alen

Greg said...

Definitely a wide open space Alen. It looks big from the car but it's huge when viewed from Tan Hill.