Monday, 29 July 2013

Pennine Walk. Day3.

Up at the crack of dawn again I'm porridge powered into Hawes.  A second breakfast and an ice cream the I'm heading across the fields to Hardrow.

The path then heads up the ridge to Great Shunner Fell.  I am very sweaty and do a left and bushwack into the valley bottom for a bath and a clothes washing session.

This turns out to be a fenced off area where they have excluded sheep.  There are loads of rabbits in the lush grass.  Peewits and curlews on the slopes and for the first time I see a buzzard.

More bushwacking back to the path and Great Shunner summit appears.

I drop off the other side and get the tent up.  The phone is going flat as I've had runkeeper running all day, so I plug it into the solar panel.  Despite being heavy I brought the power monkey battery as well.  I've got the Kindle and GPS to keep charged.  Unfortunately the battery despite being fully charged developed a fault  and wouldn't switch to supply.  Had to bin it when I got home.
Just got the tea cooked before the wind dropped and the midges went crazy.

15  miles walked. 2 ice creams, 1 scone, 1 full english.


Alan R said...

What a cracking day Greg.

Greg said...

Yes I was very lucky with the weather. Even the bogs were mostly dried up.

Because They're There said...

It's no wonder you don't carry much food – you need the space for all that electrical equipment.
The full English sounds good. havene't had one of those for long enough.

Greg said...

I was in 2 minds about all the electronic gear carried as it's quite heavy and needs charging. ThePower Monkey solar charger / battery combo worked well until the battery failed. I might have got away without the GPS but did use it a few times, especially in the lowlands as I often found them more confusing than the fells.