Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Nearly skiing

 After a dusting of snow I headed for the Lake District  Ski Club.  I was late, the roads were covered, I had to go via Rhegged to defrost the windscreen.  I was later.  The Skoda is the worst car I've had for coping with snow so I parked in the main car park rather than risk the lane to Greenside  Mine.

Just as well as there was a Landrover in the ditch on the first hill.

By the time I was climbing the hill behind the mine I was nackered, carrying the heavy skiis and wearing the boots.

I got as far as the first plateau,  I told myself it was still a long way, conditions looked marginal to say the least.  Headed down for the car and Keswick for chips.


Anonymous said...

Greg, bring your ski's to the Lincolnshire Wolds( yes there are some steep bits)we got over 12 inches of snow here and piling up as I type this.

Greg said...

I'd never make it, Skoda struggles with 2 inches on a slightly inclined drive.

afootinthehills said...

I can ski from the door (on XC skis of course)but parking off road at the moment would be impossible.

Any reason why the Skoda should be any worse than other cars Greg?

Conrad likes his Yeti(conradwalks.blogspot.com) but that's a Crossover.

Greg said...

It seems to be back heavy and the tyres are low profile with what appears to be water shedding grooves. They seem to have no traction on snow!