Monday, 6 December 2010

Deja Vu

Sunday we had an early start, but when we got to the Thirlmere lay-by beneath Brown Cove it looked like everyone else had had an even earlier one.  The lay-by was full of snow so cars were parked all along the verges. We squeezed in and joined the coach party and heading for Brown Cove.

There were similar queues at the bottom of the gully.  Anyone following this blog will have realised that we did the same gully last year.

I did not take any photos in the gully but kept the camera in the sack until  the top.

 Greg at the top.  There was some ice in the gully but the snow was unconsolidated powder.

After a knee aching descent , guess what,  Keswick for chips.  I can report that the Kingfisher portions are bigger that the Old Keswickian portions we had last week.

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Martin Rye said...

Fantastic snow cover you had. Wonderful day to be on the hills.