Sunday, 21 November 2010


A strong, cold north easterly was forecast with cloud on the eastern fells. So we headed south west for , hopefully, the best weather. It clouded over but we did stay out of the cloud.

Scafell, across the valley, was also out of the clouds but everything further north was cloud capped.

We did not linger on the summit but scooted along the top until there was an "off road " escape to the valley and somewhere warm to eat the sandwiches.


Anonymous said...

Greg - some really nice photos. Yew barrow I think is just about the only peak I haven't climbed in the area.

Greg said...

Yes despite being an interesting peak I find it out on a limb. I'm not fit enough to combine it with say Red Pike.

The Odyssee said...

Greg - Love the pictures. I don't know if you came down the scree run at the far end of Yewbarrow, but if you did that can be a hairy descent.

J_on_tour@jayzspaze said...

You gave me great memories here. I did the same route about eight years ago after previously doing the rest of the Pillar round. I really like the first picture with the tree. I took a few pictures of this but couldn't get the atmosphere on the day. The top was difficult to find in mist but it was a nice ascent route.

Greg said...

Odyssee, No we bailed off the top before there and back down the valley. If it's the one from Dore Head , I did it 27 years ago!
J. I'm still struggling with the new camera and was a little disappointed with the image as I thought the tree cluttered the picture of the fell.

The Weekend Dude said...

Great shot of Scafell from up there!