Monday, 11 March 2013

No Added Sugar

Sunday I'm off to see my mam in Tebay so the walk has to be Saturday.  It's overcast and the higher fells look like they have fresh snow disappearing up into the mirk.  I'm the second car in the car park at Chapel Bridge, Little Town.  I follow two blokes heading up beside Scope Beck.

I've chosen this route as I have only ever looked down on this valley from the ridges above.  One of the big motivations  for me is seeing what's round the next corner. With that in mind I follow the beck up rather than the path.

At a slanty waterfall I have to bale-out up a gully to the right.  The grass is steep so I'm careful as no-one knows I'm here and a slip might be awkward.

Regaining the beck above the impass I make a note to come back in summer and see if its possible to scramble up the falls.  Having said that I'm always spotting crags I want to climb, corries I want to camp in, gills I want to explore....

Above the falls it broadens out into  a flat hanging valley.

I  sit behind the wall of a sheep pen to eat my dinner.  The fruit sandwiches might not have been the best idea.   The ultimate (no added sugar) jam.

Up on Littledale Edge it's a bit wild.

I drop down the side of Tongue Gill, in a hurry now as I'm supposed to be fitting a bathroom light switch for a customer in the afternoon.

Stayed on my feet all day only to do a head first as I'm walking down the track back to the car.


Because They're There said...

I'm not coming round your house for sandwiches, Greg. I thought my cheese and pickle were frugal, but yours take the biscuit.
Cheers, Alen
PS That wind's a bit lively. You need a bit of weight to keep your feet on the ground.

Howellsey said...

Fruit sandwiches? What's wrong with cheese and Branston :-)
Sounds like a fun wee walk!

Greg said...

Yes I'd just had some porridge for breakfast and put some Aldi fruit in it. Wife was out and remembered I needed to make sandwiches. Just stuck the rest of the fruit on a couple of slices of bread.
Cheese is bad for cholesterol and I'm lactose intolerant so don't eat much now, used to prefer Wensleydale and cranberries.