Monday, 18 March 2013

Lake District Ski Club

It's raining and there's only 2 other cars in the car park at Greenside Mine.  I've rung the snowline and Bernie's reassuring voice has told me the tow will be running so I head slowly up hill.

The car park at the youth hostel is full of cars as people head for Helvellyn.

Heading towards the chimney I spot a figure in the distance heading the same way.

The skies clear a little to reveal the much underrated Catstye Cam.

The snow is quite deep on Raise as I round the corner and see the tow ahead.

I get changed in the hut and try to dry off my sweaty face and steamed up glasses before heading for the top to make some tracks.

The club hut and tow.

Cool shades.

At the end of the day I take the tow to the top and ski down the ridge.  The idea is to get as far down as possible to save carrying the skis.

Two other members manage to ski across heather and get 50 yards lower than me.

It's just a struggle down the steep hill to the car with a wonderful view back up the valley.


Alan R said...

Yes. You had a superb day out there. Envious, stuck in Manchester until friday then off to the Duddon.

Because They're There said...

Great day out. Skiing's something I've never got the hang of. No cakes?