Sunday, 18 March 2012

Where are we going?

I had to work yesterday so today I was up at 06.30 getting the gear ready.  I sometimes dont know where to head for until I've actually seen the fells in the distance ,  I'd already been asked  the question  "where are we going ?'  at least 3 times before we were on the road at 08.30.  Skiddaw dominates the horizon from this neck of the woods so when I saw the snow as we drove through Dearham the decision was made.  The layby on the Orthwaite road gets full quickly, but we were the first ones there.

There was barely a cloud in the sky as we headed up the muddy fields onto the Ullock Pike ridge.  As we gained height the cloud was bubbling up over the fells.  

As Longside Edge hove into view the weather ahead looked threatening and we met a couple who had decided to turn around muttering about there'd be no views anyway.

Could n't see anything wrong with them myself.

By the time we'd had our dinner the black clouds were heading away to the south.  (Best spot for them)

Into the fast melting snow as we head up towards the summit of mighty Skiddaw.

Relaxing in the sun at the summit.

We head towards Broad End past the strangely named Gibralter Crags.  

And hence down into Barkbethdale, Great Knott and Southerndale before braving the muddy path down to the car.

Where we going next week?


markswalkingblog said...

Good trip report there Greg. I guess it won't be long before all the snow has melted throughout the Lake District.

Jules said...

Given the photos you have posted, it's hard to make sense of the comment about no views.

No views? Like you, I'd take those any day of the week!

Greg said...

Mark, yes there did not seem to be much snow elsewhere in the Lakes. My Aunty Kath used to say that snow in March never lasts.

Greg said...

Jules, I think the lady ion question had come up to Carlside then saw the big black cloud on Skiddaw and decided to go down. If she had waited another half hour it all cleared.

Alan R said...

Hi Greg,
Good day out that.
As for your question. Not sure but will have a go at Woodland area of South Lakes!

Because They're There said...

Ah, another good day out. Ullock Pike is my favourite route up Skiddaw, although I've only done it once that way. Not so sure the Southerners will appreciate your comment about the weather, Greg. I don't think you'd get past the interview stage for a BBC weather man.
Alen McF

afootinthehills said...

Looks a fantastic day Greg and fresh snow to boot. No views? Turn back on such a day? Odd that.

Greg said...

Yes it was a great day as I'd only done the ridge 3 times in the past. I prefer the volcanic hills to the softer Skiddaw slates.