Saturday, 24 March 2012

Loadpot Laikin

I'd got the gear ready the night before and dashed home from work.  A quick shower and change of clothes and I'm heading for Keswick.  Bugger I've still got my prescription safety glasses on instead of my normal specs.  There's no going back as I head for Booths and some last minute shopping.  I've had no tea so decide on a non lightweight Cumbrian plumb bread as a luxury. It's dark and lonely as I leave the car at the lane end above Pooley Bridge and head for the High Street roman road.
There's no moon and its pitch black,  and if I'm honest as I head up the wild moor,  a bit scary.  I've no water so head for the head of Swarth Beck below Loadpot Hill.  It never seems to come and I'm starving. This night time navigation is hard work 'where TF am I' seems to be the method.

To cut along story short the beck was found the tent pitched at 10 pm and the next day it looked like this:

The plumb bread was eaten whilst the dehydrated meal was cooking and I finally got to sleep around midnight.
After a night slightly the wrong side of warm I had breakfast in the tent.

Photos a bit naff as the camera steamed up.  I don't claim to be an expert camper but if there's one tip I can pass on is get a cup with a hook handle like the one above  got in Decathlon. It hooks over boots or the edge of pans and especially when its grassy  saves the tea being spilled.

It's a hazy day and the view from Bonscale Pike is limited. 

So after doubling back and climbing Loadpot Hill it's back  along the path I walked up in the dark and home to cut the grass.


-maria- said...

I never thought a boot could double as a tea mug holder, but that's a clever idea!

Greg said...

Thanks Maria, probably not my idea, may be everyone does it.

Geoff said...

Hi Greg I also use the hook handle trick with my mug. With lighter weight boots and trainers which are less stable I sometimes just put the mug in the boot, which also works, as long as the mug has a tapered bottom

Greg said...

Great minds think alike. I actually found it quite difficult to find that kind of mug, so when we saw them in Decathlon we got 4.

Because They're There said...

What a smashing adventure. Shame about the grass though Greg. You'll have to cut it before you go next time. And a great tip. Can you get wine glasses with hooked handles too?
Alen McF

Greg said...

Thanks Alen. Just drink the wine straight from the bottle.

markswalkingblog said...

Greg, I have released that my Google Reader has been missing your posts out - so apologises for that. How are you getting on with the Power Lizard? I rather like mine.

Greg said...

Mark I have only had time to use it a couple of times and am impressed by the lightness compared to my Akto. I dont think I've quite got the hang of it yet as I found the little post thing s a bit fiddly.