Monday, 29 August 2011

The Tebay Lad and Geordie Lass backpack in the Parc National D' Aiguestortes I Estany De Saint Maurici, Part3

The next morning we headed  down the Vall de Dellui heading for the Refuge d' Estany  Long.  A party met us heading up as we negotiated the boulder field.  There were posts to guide you through.

The view down the valley with the Estanyets de Dellui.

Typical view.

Looking back up the valley, the camp site was just below the distant roche moutonnee.

We had hoped to spend a night at the Refuge d' Estany Long.  But of course it was full.  This is a very popular bit of the Parc with people coming up from the taxis to the lake. So we headed down to the taxis which whisk you to Boi for 5€. We had a night in a hotel after sampling the tapas.

A taxi was taken to the dam wall of the Embassament de Cavallers from where we headed up towards the Refugi Joan Ventosa i Calvell. This was a hot day and the sun reflected off the granite slabs as we made our way up the trough end.

The refuge.

......and lunch.

One reason the huts are popular is that  there is a circuit that they run around carrying very small packs.

Anyway, time to soak up the views and rest in the heat of the day.

Beard's coming on lad.


Anonymous said...

Ah, the Estany de Cavallers. Got my bearings now. But I must admit, we drove up there, walked a couple of miles up the lake from the dam, had a picnic and walked back again. The scenery is absolutely spectacular. And you're having better weather than we had. The tapas looks good. Hope you've still got the beard, Greg.
Alen McF

Greg said...

i had a beard for 30 years. When I left my last job, 3 years ago, i shaved it off. Part of a new start. I was tempted to keep it after this trip but daughter said it makes me look old. Vanity.

Anonymous said...

Greg,a good series of posts. Wonderful scenery and great walking.

-maria- said...

Lovely scenery. The tapas looks delicious!

Greg said...

Yes the scenery is brilliant. you crest a hill and theres yet another lake with pointy mountains. I'm surprised this area does not feature more in the walking mags.

J_on_tour@jayzspaze said...

Nice post that would tempt most people to go. The scenery looks good as always.