Friday, 26 August 2011

The Tebay Lad and Geordie Lass backpack in the Parc National D' Aiguestortes I Estany De Saint Maurici, Part2

We spent a pleasant hour over looking the Estany de Colomina before continuing on the GR 11-20.  After a kilometre or so we swung off up a track heading north west besides the Estany Tort.  Yes there are a lot of Estanys.

Greg en route.

Dawne en route.

Estany Tort.

We were going to camp by the Estany Eixerola, above, but the herds of cows and piles of dung on all flat surfaces forced us to cross the Collada de Dellui (2577m) rather later in the day than we anticipated.

From the col we looked down the Vall de Dellui and its obligatory Estany.

At the first suitable flat bit (2400m) the tent went up.  We had to be out of site as camping is not allowed in the Parc.  All the refuges are full and there was no camping signs beside them, so you dont have much choice other than stealth camping.

So the sun sets on another perfect day.  How many Estanys tomorrow?


Anonymous said...

Great pictures, Greg. The views are so clear. It must have been wonderful sitting outside your tent and watching that sunset. It’s a magical place. I’ve never backpacked outside Britain but I think it’s time I made some plans.

Martin Rye said...

Wow Greg. I am envies. Stunning.

Greg said...

Thanks folks. Part 3 as soon as I have a minute.