Sunday, 13 February 2011

Seat Sandal

Havent posted for a while.  We were up Skiddawweek before last  and there was a hunt on.  We saw the fox being chased and it really spoiled my day.  Dozens of men, dogs, guns and one fox.  They' re so brave.  Asked one of the lads on a quad bike if it was a hunt , "no just exercising the dogs."  The fact that they can get away with such a feeble excuse is contemptible.
Anyway, back to this week, the weather was a bit cloudy and not feeling too energetic we went straight up from Dunmail Raise.

It's a bigger hill than I remembered, and i was glad of a cup of tea at the top in the lee of a small crag. We followed the wall down to descend Raise Beck.

So back to the car and into Ambleside for a cappuccino.  Bought a half price rucksack in Field and Trek.


Trekking Britain said...

That would have ruined my day too. I think I would have phoned the police as they are not allowed to chase a real fox these days are they?

J_on_tour@jayzspaze said...

Classic view of Dunmail Raise and Steel Fell in the last picture. Quite a grind I'd imagine, think I've only descended that way.

Greg said...

They were well organised and obviously get away with it. There was a field full of cars and the corrie next to dash falls was ringed by whooping and hollering huntsmen. Just exercising the dogs is obviously not illegal!

Aye it was a grind all right . Some weeks I just float up and others I'm just glad to reach the top.