Sunday, 23 January 2011

Red Pike

Still not got used to this camera as a lot of the pictures have not turned out today.  It was dull and the pictures were under exposed.

View of Buttermere.

And Crummock

The ground was still frozen and it was difficult to make progress upwards in places.  Red Pike is interesting as the summit appears to be skiddaw slate on top of  Ennerdale Granophyre. Across the comb are crags of the Borrowdale volcanics.

We descended via Scale Beck, the path was still iced over in places. So we crossed the beck to bye-pass the worst bits.

On the walk back I had to rescue a sheep being chased by two dogs that some inconsiderate owners were letting run loose.  They were so far back on the path that they probably could n't see what was going on.


J_on_tour@jayzspaze said...

That's a great first shot from the top. Cameras are always difficult to get used to particularly in dull weather. I was in the North York moors at the beginning of the month with my new camera and had a similar experience.
I remember doing Red Pike the other way round from the "staircase !!"(not pleasant) and it was difficult trying to keep the footing for a different reason on the sliding surface as I approached the summit.
I once came across a sheepdog giving a sheep some grief as it was stuck in a ditch on Gowbarrow Fell. By giving the beast the evil eye while circumnavigating a large protection area of the sheep, I gave it the time and space needed to compose itself to exit the problem. Unfortunately the farmer didn't hear me.... all in a days work then.

The Odyssee said...

I agree with J. It takes time and errors to achieve the quality that you want from a new camera. I think a year will do it if you are anything like myself. I still have to carry the book around with me. There’s just so much technology to take in.

Greg said...

Thanks for the comments. I was astounded at just how thick the instruction book was. Normally when the book is thick it's because most of it is in foreign languages. There appears to be pages that tell you how to change various settings , but they dont say which would be the optimum and why.

J_on_tour@jayzspaze said...

I could not agree more Greg. My manual is 236 pages long and all written in English.

The Odyssee said...

You may already have it Greg but if not you could do with downloading Lightroom 3 and then you can amend the detail if you want a better picture. Some would say it’s cheating but i don’t go along with that.

If you are not going on extended walks it’s better to shoot in raw. But i expect that you will know that already.

The manuals are scary. Its all foreign to me.

Greg said...

I 've got Photoshop which I'm guessing does similar things. I find if the photo is really way out then even after processing it's still poor.
Never got away with raw images, tried it a couple of times.