Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Brown Cove, Helvellyn.


Greg, Tris and Bob went to Brown Cove. We think we climbed Left Branch gully but it may have been Central Gully. My guide book is old and does not have a diagram. The other climbers there did not seem to know either as we got two different versions from them. Any way we had a great day out . We were in the gully for 5 hours and it was -6 celsius. We were frozen by the time we got to the top. We were a rope of three so this made for slowness , as well as waiting for other parties above. Bob got a cut lip as chunks of ice kept flying down from above.

Not being a hard core ice climber I found this bit the most difficult.

Bob heads for the sun.

Tris belayed.

The top pitch.

Greg in the sun at last.

The route.

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normfletch said...

Hey Greg, Great photo's, thanks,sitting here in OZ 36 degree heat,looking at em, almost had to put me jacket on, have to say,looking very trim Bro!