Monday, 25 January 2010

Snow Still Here

The snow has retreated up the fellsides but there's still deep drifts. It was colder on Suday when we climbed Ullscarf from Thirlmere via Harrop Tarn and Ullscarf Gill. I love the walk across the Thirlmere flank with the stream for company . As we gained altitude it disappeared beneath the snow, choked with drifts. Lower down the snow would not support our weight and we sank to our knees at every step. Further up the snow was firmer. We arrived at the deserted summit in thick mist with a light snow falling. Careful navigation was needed to avoid Standing Crag (above) and drop down into the Blea Water basin. It was then a simple matter to reach the col and drop down to the other side of Harrop Tarn.