Thursday, 10 April 2008

Solar Tent

I saw Andy Howell's review so bought this last year and went camping in Sept high on the Corridor Route on Scafell Pike. It with stood a tremendous storm and we retreated to Seathwaite in the morning. It also withstood heavy snow during Easter high in the Lakes. We do find it a bit narrow as we had the old design Nallo 3 before this and it was like a palace. Having your own entrance is a boon especially at my age when you have to nip out in the middle of the night. I dont know if its crucial but i find it difficult to get the flysheet exactly central on the poles and it interferes with the zip at one or other of the side.

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Andy Howell said...

I worried about the narrowness of the Solar 2.2 when I first opened the package! I used to use a Nallo 2 which had tons of room. But there is more than enough room for two in the tent. And - as you said - the two porches are superb. This is not the first tent to have utilised this system but this is certainly the lightest in its class.