Sunday, 13 April 2008

Camp Kitchen

I have been experimenting with different set ups in the camp kitchen department. Last year I tried using just the titanium mug approach and carried nothing else. I found this to be very light but also annoying. The cup was small and whilst it was in its pot cosey cooking I could not make a cup of tea or coffee. Next I tried a small plastic bowl and put that in its own cosey. the picture to the left shows the bowl in its cosey. The cooking pot to the left is the Heiny pot from the USA with a home made cone shaped windshield.

The bowl was from Morrisons and is microwaveable and comes with a lid. It is 1 litre and weighs 66 g. I have recently replaced this as Morrisons sell a bowl in their plastic food bag department that weighs only 20 g, I think its made by Baco. I can now cook a meal put it in the bowl in the pot cosey and still have a pan for hot drinks. This for an extra 20 g.

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John Hee said...

i still use the titanium mug/plastic bowl approach - but wih a smaller bowl/weight. after all there's never a rush for food when your w/camping