Saturday, 2 February 2013

Helvellyn Again

I think I've done more posts on Helvellyn than any other mountain.  Well it's a nice day. Strangely I'm not at work so a high eastern fell might still have snow. Helvellyn it is.

As you come over Dunmail Raise theres a hanging valley to your left with a waterfall.  I've never been up that way.  The ridge is the one above with trees.

It's my lucky day as it's not raining and Dawne is with me.

After the steep bit the ridge broadens out.  Note for the future there are one or two suitable camping spots here.

The summit plateau is very icy and seeing as we brought them we put on our crampons.

I picked up a new rucksack in the sales.  £40 instead of £80.  Seems ok but I find the opening a bit narrow.  Dawne is also modelling the new Iliam Berghaus down jacket.  Yes I know I don't usually buy Berghaus, but they are ahead of the game at the moment as the down is waterproof hydrodown.  I expect more garments will be copying these soon.

Greg also put on his new jacket as it was bloody cold.

The return route along the edge of the corries.

Down the gill to the car.
Booths was visited and cappuccinos were drunk.


Hendrik M said...

Some great photos there; I understand why you head up there time & again =)

Greg said...

Thanks Hendrik, we dont get as much snow as you so we have to head high to find it.

Because They're There said...

Wonderful pictures of icy cold mountains. And I am so pleased you visited Booths.
Cheers, Alen

Greg said...

Thanks Alen, only had a coffee as still on a diet.

Jules said...

Nice report. With the range of "interesting" light on display, looks like a great day for photography.

Phil R said...

Great photos, Nothing wrong with Helvellyn 'again' it is worth going back to especially when it is like that.