Thursday, 19 January 2012

Green Gable

We crossed the beck at Seathwaite on a cloudier day than anticipated after seeing the forecast the previous Friday.  We had decided to visit Dawne's mam in South Shields on the Saturday.
We quickly discovered that the paths were very icy as we headed up into Gillercombe.

Sandwiches were eaten in the lee of the head wall of the corrie before heading into a very cold and blustery wind.

As we traversed the summit a fine view of Ennerdale and Pillar opened up.

We turned left down Aaron Slack.

It was around here that one member of the party discovered just how icy it was as they flew downhill head first.  Apart from some bruising they were luckily unhurt.

The late start meant we were 10 mins too late for a Booth's scone.


Alan R said...

Looks like a great day out. Doesn't look icy from the pics.
Booth's, yummy.

Greg said...

Thanks Alan. am enjoying reading your New Zealand stuff. Looks like the holiday of a life time.

Jules said...

Nice looking day after the gloomy start. As Alan R said, it doesn't look overly icy. And they say the camera never lies ....