Sunday, 1 August 2010

Panasonic G2

Well I'm still coming to grips with the new camera. My 6MP Pentax istds has served me well but thought I'd try something a a little lighter and more modern so bought a Panasonic G2. I find it easy to use inside when I can read all the screens, but outside it is difficult to see. Similarly the info in the view finder is difficult to focus on when wearing glasses.

We have not been out for a while so decided on a short training walk up Eycott Hill from the Mungrisedale road. This is an interesting area geologically. Various volcanic rocks lie on the Skiddaw slate and are overlain by the carboniferous deposits. The grass was long and wet and we were bitten by clegs. There was an absence of sheep and lots of wild flowers. Maybe the sheep are managed here?
I think this is campanula rotundifolia. A white version. Alba?

Had the usual cup of tea on the top and watched a big shower just miss us.

We were a bit worried about some cows in the fields below but they did not move. We have had a herd stampede towards us in the past so were a little nervous.

Well I'd better get back to that incredibly complicated instruction book....


Maz said...

New Camera too! Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ10. Hopefully, it will allow me to progress my skills and grow into a DLSR someday.

Greg said...

I would have to be honest and say both DSLRs I've owned I've mainly photographed on fully automatic.