Sunday, 22 February 2015

Estanhets deth Port to Port de Ratera de Colomers.

Heading uphill to the Coth de Podo on a lovely sunny morning.

Looking back to the lakes where  we had camped.

Estanh Gelat at 2600m.

First col crossed we headed down to the Lac de Podo.

Time for a break and dry the dew off the tent.

I think that's the Tuc de Pogo 2731m.  We came through the col just to the right.

View from the second col of the day.  Port de Ratera d'Espot, 2572m.  We hung around until everyone went and camped up for the night.


AlanR said...

What a delightful trip.

Because They're There said...

Great pictures, Greg. I really must get back to the Pyrenees. They are such spectacular mountains.
Cheers, Alen

Greg said...

Yes Alan we went back as the first time there Dawne broke her foot half way around.

Greg said...

I like them Alen because they seem more manageable than the Alps. I don't like flying so they are harder to get to.